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Registered Nurse - Naugatuck Valley Region

Naugatuck, CT


Hiring Company

Community Residences Inc. Website

Positions Available

Full Time

No recruiters please

Position Description

The Program RN is responsible to manage the health, safety and well being of developmentally disabled clients in residential and day program facilities. The RN also maintains a 24 hour accountability of the residential clients via an RN On-Call System.


  1. Serves as the health care representative for the assigned program.
  2. Create a nurturing, positive learning environment and develop strategies to help the clients cope effectively with social, emotional and physical situations of daily living and facilitate independent performance in these areas.
  3. Conduct self in a professional manner when interacting with participants, supervisors, co-workers, families, medical profession andmembers of the community.
  4. Participate in training opportunities (in-servicetraining, staff meetings, conferences, etc.), as required; maintain allrequired training per agency policy and DDS regulatory requirement
  5. Familiarize oneself with CRI policies and procedures,ensuring compliance with same. 
  6. Submits written annual and quarterly healthcare reviewswith recommendations for future needs for the clients’ IP and participates inthe IP and quarterly meetings. 
  7. Develops the clients’ quarterly healthcare reviews andmonitors follow through of IP healthcare recommendations.
  8. Conduct quarterly physical assessments on ICF/ID clients.
  9. On a regular basis, reviews the following:
    1. scheduled appointments for clients
    2. relevant documentation of medical visits
    3. medical notes and consults for each client
    4. administration of clients’ medications according to CRI policies and procedures and state and federal guideline
  10. Responsible for follow through of all health careneeds. 
  11. Responsible to monitor for proper documentation of medications on monthly Medication Administration Record. 
  12. Attends medical appointments as necessary.
  13. Conduct complete DDS medication audit at least quarterly. Monitors the in-house CRI medication audits and ensures follow-up onissues. 
  14. Reviews all medication errors on a continuous basis.Follows medication sanction policy 929 and notifies all appropriate staffimmediately of errors; responsible to ensure proper retraining of staff aftererrors. 
  15. Ensures that program staff is following all appropriatestate and federal guidelines relevant to the operation of an ICF-ID/CLA grouphome, CRS/SLA and day programs. 
  16. Participates in the destruction of all controlledmedications as per CRI policy and procedures. 
  17. Inspects all healthcare files and medical supplies to ensurecompliance with CRI policies and procedures and state regulations. 
  18. Provides in-service training for staff in areas ofmedication administration, First Aid, seizures, signs/symptoms, communicablediseases, emergency notification systems; identifies and provides training inall other identified medically related areas as needed. 
  19. Functions as a healthcare resource person for theirdesignated programs and provides support to staff in determining approaches totake, in relation to the health management of clients. 
  20. Serves as a healthcare support for staff in group homesas necessary on an on-call basis; becomes familiar with all client medical andbehavioral needs and the effective utilization of emergency services at thelocal and state levels. 
  21. Functions as the healthcare liaison with the client’shealth care provider; responsible to communicate on a regular basis with healthcare providers to ensure excellence in the management of the client’s healthstatus. 
  22. Meets on a regular basis with the group home manager tofacilitate the implementation of health care services at the facility. Seeks guidance from the DNS, ADNS, ProgramDirector and therapy specialist (OT, PT, Dietician) as needed. 
  23. Trains and supports new LPN-in-training candidates andnewly hired LPN’s. 
  24. Reports, in a timely manner, any out of the ordinaryhealthcare issues to the ADNS, DNS and Program Director. 
  25. Maintains confidentiality inside and outside the agencyin all aspects of consumer’s needs/problems and any issues that arise in any ofthe programs and adheres to CRI’s confidentiality policy 
  26. Maintains confidentiality inside and outside the agencyregarding any issues concerning another employee of CRI. 
  27. Communicates to the ADNS and/or DNS any problems orconcerns with another employee while maintaining confidentiality for allindividuals involved. 
  28. Provides information to the DNS and ADNS whenever necessaryand on a weekly basis via twice monthly report. 
  29. Communicates with the DNS and the training departmentany problems/questions with sanctions for medication certified staff in orderto provide consistency in the sanctions. 
  30. Ensures program staff receive medical orientationin-servicing at the program site in a timely fashion. Forwards records of training to theappropriate departments as indicated on the orientation form.


  1. Current CT RN License
  2. Must possess a valid CT driver’s license, be able todrive own and agency vehicles and have a good driving record.
  3. Must have reliable transportation.


1.       Possessgood to excellent oral and written communication skills.

2.       Demonstrate thoroughness and follow through on daily work assignments.

3.       Display motivation and interest in improving quality of life for the population served.

4.       Demonstrate and maintain an optimistic attitude, patience, and compassion for and with thepopulation served.

5.       Demonstrate the ability to organize and prioritize medical responsibilities to completion.

6.        Experiencewith working with the DD population preferred but not required.  


Must be a graduate of an accredited Registered Nursingprogram and possess a current CT RN license. License will be renewedindependently and copy provided to the agency.

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Employers use Nursing Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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